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Akshay kumar Emraan Hashmi Selfiee Movie Review Live Updates: Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi’s movie ‘Selfie’ is now out on the big screen. Let us know how audiences and critics liked the film.

Driving License is a Malayalam comedy-drama directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran. The new version is made by famous Good News Raj Mehta under the name of ‘Selfie’. Let’s see how the movie is

The story of “Selfie” is that of a superstar and her fan. Actually, Om Prakash and his son are fans of superstar Vijay. His dream is to take a selfie with Vijay. They are presented with a golden opportunity. Om Prakash who is the RTO or regional transport officer comes to know that his idol does not have a driving license. He feels you can get a selfie that gets a license for Vijay. But there is a great misunderstanding. Superstars and superfans meet face-to-face. This is where “selfie” becomes a movie between superstars and superfans. Let us know some good and some not-so-good things about the movie.

The best thing is the humour of the film. If a person considers the film, his sense of humour is amazing. Best of all, nothing objectionable was said from any character’s mouth because of this. Humour is imbued with light sarcasm. For: hide your kidney, the manufacturer has arrived. The script and dialogues are written by Rishabh Sharma. He has never allowed the film to become cumbersome. Director Raj Mehta has given equal space to emotion and humour. The film does not scroll or crawl either. Advance at a steady pace. Wherever it looks, past this point the film can be a bit boring. A large cut comes out. I also liked the editing of this film. Ritesh Soni made no surprising cuts. But she brought the film to life. One film is said to be made in the mind of the director and screenwriter and the other on the editing table. Set the narration of the film. Although the director plays a role in this to a large extent. But the credit to the publisher cannot be ignored. You can’t remember her just for her latest and hottest cuts. You can also remember to format your movie correctly. # On the one hand, the story of an ordinary film unfolds. On the other, Raj Mehta’s social commentary. He gave the media a call in his own way.

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