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Waltair Veeraiya Movie Review

average rating: 2.65/5
Number:67% positive
Reviews counted:6
Neutral: 1


Rating:3/5 review by: Nishita Site: Times of India

Waltair Veeraiya may not give you the Poonakallu feel as promised, but it is decent enough, especially if you are a Chiranjeevi fan or Ravi Teja for that matter. Just don’t expect anything offbeat.


Rating:3/5 review by: Lata Site: India Today

Bobby Kolli tries to make the two parts of the film as different as possible to ensure megastar Chiranjeevi’s fans are satisfied with the film. In the first half, we get the Mass Boss party song, plenty of comedy and light-hearted moments. The director sets up an exciting interval block post where we get plenty of action and the entry of Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja Waltair Veeraiyya is a treat for Chiranjeevi fans this Sankranthi. Poonakallu loaded.

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Rating:2.5/5 review by: Suman Site: Gulte

Waltair Veerayya is yet another age-old story which completely failed to harness the strength and energy of Chiru and Raviteeja. Time has come for our filmmakers to give up standard format subjects in the name of commercial formula. Overall, Waltair Veeraiya has some comedy that works, some songs that sound good and that’s all, leaving it as an average fare.

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Rating:, review by: India Herald Site: India Herald

The first part of Waltair Veeraiya mainly focuses on entertainment to keep the interest of the audience. Unfortunately, everything fails—except a few songs. The problem is in the writing. By this point, something remarkable has to happen for things to change, but unfortunately, the movie certainly comes to a halt.

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Rating:2/5 review by: chili9 Site: Mirchi9

On the whole, Waltair Veerayya has moments that provide fun here and there, and a bit of drama and over-the-top action as well. But, it completely fails to click and leads to head-scratching in frustration. Do give it a try if you love Chiranjeevi, but keep your expectations low.


Rating:2.75/5 review by: telugu bulletin Site: TeluguBulletin

Waltair Veeraiyya is a fine-grained entertainer with the right mix of comedy and action. The first half is a breeze with comedy/action and the latter half is a bit routine and long towards the end, but overall it has enough commercial elements to make this Sankranti a potential BO winner.


Waltair Veeraiah Story:

Waltair Veeraiah is a notorious smuggler wanted by RAW, whose authority is now challenged by Visakhapatnam ACP Vikram Sagar, who is hell-bent on ending his smuggling activities. An ego battle ensues between them. Waltair Veeraiah is a gangster and drug lord who has sworn to avenge his brother’s death and an ego war ensues between Veeraiah and ACP Vikram Sagar.

Waltair Veeraiya Release Date:

Directly in cinemas January 13, 2023 (India)

Waltair Veeraiya Cast:

Long lived
Ravi Teja
Shruti Haasan
Catherine Teresa

Waltair Veeraiah Director:

KS Ravindra

Waltair Veeraiah Producer:

Naveen Yerneni
Y Ravi Shankar

Waltair Veerayya Production Companies:

Maitri Movie Makers

Waltair Veeraiah Distribution Companies:

Maitri Movie Makers

Waltair Veeraiah Run Time:

2 hours 40 minutes (160 minutes)


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